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CICK – 93.9FM – Smithers Community Radio is a non-profit, volunteer operated, advertising-free community radio station. All DJs are volunteers that represent a wide array of music styles, ideas and opinions with a passion for their community. CICK’s studios are available to anyone wishing to produce a show. CICK’s mission is to encourage new music styles in the community of Smithers as well as give local residents an opportunity to express their values and opinions through the medium of radio. Programming runs 24 hours per day and is advertising – free. Free training is provided for volunteers and producers/DJs are given a one-hour spot in CICK’s programming schedule.

CICK – 93.9FM – Smithers Community Radio is governed by a volunteer board of directors who help to set the vision and goals of the station. CICK is a member of the Smithers Chamber of Commerce.

Meet Glen Ingram, Station Manager

Meet Glen Ingram, Station Manager

Glen Ingram, whose roots are in Smithers, spent several years training in radio and broadcasting in various places, including Minneapolis, where he worked for a community radio station. When he returned to Smithers in 2004, he saw a need in Smithers for a volunteer - driven, community - minded radio station that would be a true reflection of the diversity of Smithers. Glen began gathering support for his dream by rounding up like - minded locals to help bring the dream to fruition. They formed a non-profit society and began the process of applying for grants, acquiring equipment and getting licensing in 2008, and in 2010 the Smithers Community Radio Society launched CICK 93.9 FM and went live on the air for the first time.

Glen and the board of the Smithers Radio Society, including President Ken White, are proud of the variety of programming that is now being broadcast after four years on the air. Glen believes it is a strong, positive representation of the character and flavour of Smithers and the interests of its residents. "Smithers is a diverse community," says Glen, who was named the National Community/Campus Radio Station Volunteer of the Year in 2012.

That diversity was one of the things that drew him back to Smithers. Its openness to new ideas and ventures was another. "In Smithers, you can create opportunities for yourself and know that you will be embraced and supported by the community." Glen notes that residents have been tremendously supportive of CICK's efforts by tuning in to listen, by volunteering in various aspects of running the station and by producing its own, unique, high-quality programs, both musical and informational. At CICK, Glen declares, "we are all about community, and our success is based on the community support we have received."

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