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Calderwood Realty was established in 1939. The business was founded by Marge & Roy Calderwood, and remained solely in the Calderwood family until 1979. Charlie Northrup became partners with Marge Calderwood until she retired in 1986, at that time David Mio purchased Marge’s half of the business, partnering with Charlie. In 2007 the business was sold to John Butler. In 2020, DJ Mio (David Mio’s son) & Jennifer Mio proudly took over. Though there have been a number of owners over the years, Calderwood’s commitment and connection to the local community has remained.

Calderwood Realty has 7 licensed Realtors in Smithers, 1 in Hazelton and 1 in our Houston office.


Meet DJ and Jennifer Mio

Meet DJ and Jennifer Mio

DJ was born in Kitimat & moved to Prince Rupert at just 6 months old. DJ’s dad, David Mio was given the opportunity to buy out one of the original owners (Marge Calderwood) of Calderwood Realty in 1986. It was at that time their family moved to Smithers from Prince Rupert. DJ finished elementary school in Smithers, and then graduated from Smithers Secondary School.  DJ went on to graduate with a BA majoring in economics from the University of Alberta. DJ experienced life living in London England as well as Vancouver BC. After a number of years, he recognized the pull back to Smithers, its community & lifestyle. It was in 2007 DJ became a licensed Realtor and was able to work with his dad for almost a year before David retired. That time and experience was invaluable as there is such a steep learning curve when jumping into real estate.  At that time the business was sold to John Butler. It was in 2015 that DJ received his Managing Brokers licence. It became clear that John was considering slowing down and eventually would be ready to sell the business.  After much thought and deliberation, DJ & his wife Jennifer made a proposal to John. DJ & John have always had deep respect for each other, which made the decision and business transfer very smooth. DJ & Jennifer are extremely proud of the deep history that Calderwood has in this community. Upholding the legacy as a trustworthy, reliable, hardworking real estate office is of utmost importance to them. 

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