Bugwood Bean

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Bugwood Bean is more than a local coffee hangout. It’s a symbol of the resilience that characterizes the community. Bugwood Bean serves amazing espresso and indulgent baked goodies, all from a timber-frame building made of “bugwood,” or beetle-kill pine. Though the pine beetle continues to be a local menace, Bugwood Bean proves that there is a bright side to everything, and all it takes is ingenuity, spirit and heart to make something incredible that helps to bring a community together.

Bugwood Bean serves a brew made from beans that have been roasted and packaged right here in Smithers by the Chicken Creek Coffee Company. Visitors can also enjoy specialty teas and beverages and locally-made sweets and treats. Bugwood Bean has two locations: one on Main Street downtown and one at the airport.

Bugwood Bean is a member of the Smithers Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Merchants Association. Bugwood Bean was the 2011 winner of the Chamber of Commerce Best Customer Service Award and the 2012 winner of the Chamber of Commerce Building Excellence Award.

Look for our Second Location inside the Smithers Regional Airport!
1 – 6421 Airport Road, Smithers, BC

Meet Nick & Mika Meyer

Meet Nick & Mika Meyer

Nick and Mika Meyer formerly worked in the bush and spent more time away from their home than in it. Loving the outdoors but missing out on being a part of the community, the couple began dreaming of ways to leave forestry life behind, be a contributing part of Smithers, support themselves and still do their part of cherishing and preserving the environment. Having seen firsthand some of BC's pine beetle devastation, they wanted to do something that would be a tribute to the environment and make the best of the devastating pine beetle situation in the Smithers region. After tossing around some business concepts, they came up with the idea of a coffee shop built with pine beetle kill wood (known as "bugwood") and serving local products, and Bugwood Bean was born in 2010.

Nick and Mika enjoy being able to be home every night and feel more anchored to the community of Smithers these days. They've also been able to start a family, and their children keep them busy when they're not at work serving up steaming hot java. Both agree that Smithers is a wholesome and nurturing place to raise a family.

One of the things that Mika and Nick love most about Smithers, besides all of its wonderful residents, is the beautiful natural scenery. At Bugwood Bean's airport location, says Mika, they have a perfect view of Hudson Bay Mountain and "it is one of the first things that people see when they get off the plane. I swear this view has influenced people to move to Smithers." She adds, "We have something very unique here in Smithers, the community. The Main Street with the combination of the beautiful scenery and nature will continue to attract people that want to live somewhere beautiful, in all aspects."

1206 Main St
Smithers, BC V0J 2N0


Monday to Saturday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm