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The 5 Elements that comprise the foundation of the physical world are also found within the body. 5 Element Acupressure & Holistic Health Services helps you reconnect with the 5 Elements within, allowing you to experience wholeness, wellness and better physical health and conditioning. 5 Element Acupressure and Holistic Health Practitioner Julie Chaplin leads workshops and retreats designed to lead you to a better understanding of self through the 5 Elements. Workshops and retreats include creative art, meditation, movement and chi gung exercises, journaling, nutritious food, outside time, and compassion and support. Julie Chaplin also provides a variety of holistic treatments, including 5-Element Acupressure, Bodymind Acupressure, Shiatsu, Reiki and Guided Visualization Meditations. Free consultations available for new clients.

“Julie is a wonderful facilitator. She creates a fun-loving, playful space to learn, incorporate, and express ourselves. It’s like a day-camp for grown ups!” -TM

“I am grateful that Julie has found her gift and shares with others. The element workshops and her acupressure bodywork facilitate my inner journey. Thank you fellow consciousness explorer.” -Brenda Melenchenko

“I had a wonderful experience and recommend it whenever I am given the opportunity. I really enjoyed connecting with a like-minded group while learning about the 5 elements. Julie is a very gifted teacher and facilitator, her passion is contagious and her ability to hold space as sacred was delightful. I especially loved our time spent outdoors with the elements and I must not forget to mention the wonderful food!!! It was truly my pleasure to work and study with Julie.” – Deb

Mention “Love Smithers” and bring a friend to a workshop and you both will receive $5 off the registration fee.

Meet Julie Chaplin

Meet Julie Chaplin

You don't have to live in a big city to have a rich, vibrant community, says Julie Chaplin. In fact, Julie believes that small towns like Smithers offer a more enriching lifestyle. "I feel part of the small town community and love growing my roots deeper into the community that I call home. I don't feel alone," says Julie. "There are so many amazing people in this town who make it the special place that it is."

Julie made a conscious decision to live in Smithers because of everything it had to offer. She believes it is the ideal place to raise her family, and it has turned out to be a wonderful place to operate her business, which she has run since 2012. She is constantly amazed by the diverse and dynamic business community here. "There are some energetic young entrepreneurs, a vibrancy and positive energy of people following their dreams, and succeeding!" She believes that this energy will carry Smithers into the future. "There is strength in numbers and I think our community and business owners and mayor care enough about our downtown that we will persevere through the challenges that big box stores will present."

As a 5 Elements practitioner, Julie is very connected to the outdoors and the physical world around her. For her and her family, this often translates into spending time outside doing their favourite activities, like camping, hiking and skiing. Indoors, Julie enjoys painting and reading. She also likes to sing, particularly when she is joined by her fellow singers in the Local Vocals Community Choir.

Smithers, BC V0J 2N0


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