Agriculture & Food Production

There’s nothing micro about SquigglyThings and their fresh and verdant microgreen business. Crisp and delicious microgreens grown sustainably in Rose Prairie B.C., but available at a variety of farmer’s markets in the Peace Region. 

What started out as a hobby has grown, from indoor beds, to salad bowls and sandwich fillers.

In addition to crispy micro greens, SquigglyThings offers fresh produce and lettuce products at markets. As well, when in season, they offer garden transplants to their community.

Meet Nadia Mori

Meet Nadia Mori

Owner Nadia Mori is a Peace Region transplant. Before she settled in the community, she took a break from farming and looked to spread her wings, little did she know she’d fly north and start her own business with a green thumb
One of Nadia’s favourite things about SquigglyThings is that she gets to meet so many lovely members of her area through her markets and small business clients. She loves being connected to the region through sustainable agriculture and reaching her community with delicious fresh offerings.
When she isn't farming, Nadia enjoys a crochet break by the fire, embracing nature's rhythms.