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Black Willow Bison Interior Decorating and Photography provides professional interior decorating services as well as photography and handcrafted products. Creative entrepreneur Carissa Cornet produces a wide variety of inspiring products sure to reflect a customer’s true uniqueness. From hand lettered signs and wall art, to beautiful and practical wooden art pieces, Carissa is proud that she had a hand in creating everything she sells. “I put so much energy into every item I make,” said Carissa.

Carissa is passionate about her creative outlet and has studied Interior Decorating. She credits an entrepreneurship class at Northern Lights College for motivating her to start her own business.

“I love my work,” said Carissa, “photography is so rewarding!” Black Willow Bison Interior Decorating and Photography has experience with capturing the moment through family portraits, wedding photography and other special event photography. Carissa is skilled at photography sessions with clients throughout Fort St. John, Rose Prairie and area. She also sells her own nature and animal photos creatively displayed in handmade frames or on canvas.

Each project Carissa takes on, whether it be interior decorating, design, photography or handmade gifts, she brings her passion and enthusiasm to the job. She enjoys new challenges and follows Julia Child’s advice, “Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”

Meet Carissa Cornet

Meet Carissa Cornet

Carissa Cornet loves her small town and the rural lifestyle it provides. "This is where I grew up and where my family is, I love how I was raised and I hope to give my kids the same experiences," said Carissa. Fort St. John is a small town with all the essentials - just enough options, said Carissa, to keep you humble.

When she is not on a photography job or creating unique hand made items for Black Willow Bison, Carissa enjoy spending time with her family on the farm and also her horse. She enjoys trail riding, hiking, sewing, scrapbooking, cooking, creating and learning. Carissa loves the snow and all the activities that come with the winter season such as snow shoeing and skating. She also enjoys the snow for all the beauty it holds, the hoar frost and the majestic frozen scenes.

Fort St. John & Rose Prairie, BC