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Revel in the sounds of gently lapping waves and aquatic birds while enjoying a waterfront view from the expansive deck of the Spruce Point Lodge. In fact, Spruce Point Lodge is one of few accommodations in Daajing Giids located directly on the waterfront. Each guest room features a private bathroom, TV and WiFi plus a private deck entrance. Breakfast is delivered to your room every morning where you can enjoy eating in your cozy quarters or on the deck while you watch the sun rise over your lovely ocean view.

Spruce Point lodge is open and welcoming visitors to Haida Gwaii! They will accept people trying to self isolate, staycation, or essential workers.

Meet Nancy Hett & Mary Kellie

Meet Nancy Hett & Mary Kellie

Business partners Nancy Hett and Mary Kellie agree that the business climate in Daajing Giids is unique. In Daajing Giids, "business operators often work together and cooperate," says Nancy. Cooperation is one key to business success in a place like Haida Gwaii where everyone relies upon each other for almost everything. This sense of camaraderie and partnership helps to foster a sense of community that transcends business and permeates the entire culture of Haida Gwaii. "It's a friendly place. I meet people that I know everywhere I go," Nancy says. It's just one of the things that make Haida Gwaii home for both Nancy and Mary.

Besides the relationships that Mary and Nancy have developed here, they also appreciate Daajing Giids and Haida Gwaii in general for its breathtaking scenery. One needs only to go out the front door to see the many opportunities for outdoor recreation available here. Nancy particularly enjoys getting outside for a hike, going beach-combing or working in her garden. Mary and Nancy point out that there are also lots of social opportunities here and no shortage of things to do.

While there are some unique issues that Haida Gwaii business owners face, Nancy feels particularly positive about the future of business and tourism here. She and Mary chose the island because of its natural beauty and because it's such a wonderful tourist destination. With many local businesses making efforts to change with the times and update their services and products accordingly, Nancy and Mary believe the possibilities for growth are virtually limitless here.


Open year-round. Please contact for information or to make reservations.

Spruce Point lodge is open for business. They will accept people trying to self isolate, staycation, or essential workers.

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