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Haida Gwaii is one of those places that changes your perspective of the world. Its beauty transcends any other destination. This coastal haven lures visitors from every corner of the globe, and right in the heart of the island community is the Sea Raven Motel in Daajing Giids.

Sea Raven Motel holds title as the largest and most modern facility in all of Haida Gwaii. With 30 rooms available and an oceanfront seafood restaurant on site, your accommodation decision has never been easier. There is a multitude of room configurations to choose from, meeting the needs of groups of all sizes.

Not only that, the central location makes for easy exploration by foot, bike or car. Perhaps relaxing is more your speed, so take it easy on the ocean-view rooftop deck.

Whether business or pleasure, visitors can expect the best. The ocean is just out the front door and forest surrounds the motel at the back. Nature is what you came for and with Sea Raven Motel you can immerse yourself in all the majestically rugged wilderness. Guests absolutely rave about their time at Sea Raven Motel, so why not see for yourself?

Give Sea Raven Motel a call for your next Haida Gwaii vacation. Your adventure awaits!

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Meet Keunboong Hwang & Jae Suk Lim

Meet Keunboong Hwang & Jae Suk Lim

Keunboong Hwang and Jae Suk Lim took over the Sea Raven Motel back in 2015 after nearly 40 years of successful operation. The husband and wife duo have continued the success and plan to elevate the experience of their guests. Everyone is so friendly in Haida Gwaii, so much so that the sentiment becomes infectious. Just a simple walk down a trail ends up in a chat with a neighbour or fellow entrepreneur. The couple truly enjoys how easy it has been to connect with the community.

The main attraction, however, is without a doubt the endless access to nature. Both Keunboong and Jae wish to share the local beauty with their visitors and have a few favourite spots of their own. A place near and dear to their hearts is the Spirit Lake Trail in Skidegate, an absolute gem of a nature walk.

For the Sea Raven Motel owners, a visit to Haida Gwaii isn’t complete without the exploration of the Haida people’s culture. There is so much to learn and the historical customs and traditions offer true insight to island life. The Gwaii Haanas offer guests a look at the pristine and untouched ecological beauty of the rugged coastline and indigenous history spanning thousands of years.