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Maude Island Farm is a certified organic (Pacific Agricultural Certification Society) farm committed to growing produce of the highest quality without the use of pesticides or herbicides. The farm produces a variety of vegetables each growing season, which includes carrots, beets, potatoes, beans, garlic, peas, specialty greens and salad mixes. Maude Island Farm offers a unique home delivery program. Veggie fans can have delicious, organic, healthy, fresh-from-the-farm produce delivered directly to their door each week during the growing season. Maude Island Farm’s certified organic produce is also available for sale at the “Queen Charlotte Farmer’s Market.”:

Meet Lynda Dixon & Laird Bateham

Meet Lynda Dixon & Laird Bateham

Operating a farm off the electrical grid isn't always easy, but its very remoteness is one of the main reasons that Lynda Dixon & Laird Bateham chose Maude Island to start a farm and raise their family. It was on a kayaking trip in Skidegate Inlet that Lynda first glimpsed the shores of Maude Island a little field and thought to herself: "What a beautiful place that would be to have a farm!" That was more than 20 years ago, and today she still loves to gaze out at the ocean while she works in her garden and thinks how lucky she is to be living where she is.

Since there's no electricity on Maude Island, they generate electricity from a hydro turbine that Laird designed and put onto the creek on the farm. Even with the hydro turbine, they have to be conservative about their power use, but the quality of life they have makes it worth the effort. All of their children grew up on the farm, and two of them were actually born there. The whole family participates in farm chores. "It is very much a family farm," says Lynda.

Much of the family's socializing takes place in Daajing Giids, where they also do their shopping. Lynda and Laird can usually be found at their produce stand in the Daajing Giids Farmer's Market each week. It's one of the highlights of Lynda's week. "It's my social outlet," she says. She enjoys chatting with people she knows and mingling with the other vendors. Lynda also notes that the market vendors are eager to support one another's efforts and they go out of their way to buy from each other in an effort to make the local economy thrive.

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