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Zikhara Yoga offers a diverse selection of yoga classes to help students achieve balance in their lives. Several different styles of yoga are available, each with unique physical and mental benefits and appeal. Classes include Hatha flow, Vinyasa flow, hot Hatha flow and Yin/restorative. Pilates classes are also available. Regular yoga practice helps to energize, revitalize and strengthen your core. Zikhara Yoga has several different instructors, each one with individual and unique teaching styles. Classes are open to anyone on a drop-in basis, or students may also purchase a five-class pass, a monthly or an annual membership which entitles you to unlimited classes. New participant membership special is also available at a discounted rate. Zikhara Yoga boasts a bright, airy studio designed to inspire your personal practice and promote peace and inner harmony.

Zikhara Yoga also carries an inventory of quality, Canadian-made yoga wear including “My Inner Fire”. Choose from leggings and tanks as well as a selection of jewellery.

Meet Samantha Kasdorf & Tobie Wick

Meet Samantha Kasdorf & Tobie Wick

Yoga is a growing practice with a devoted group of students, and Samantha Kasdorf and Tobie Wick wanted to make it more accessible to Prince Rupert residents. They started their business in 2014 and it has been growing steadily ever since. They are pleased to be able to offer quality yoga instruction in a beautiful, modern studio. They find a great deal of fulfilment in being able to help their students feel happy, peaceful and more centered than when they came in.

Samantha and Tobie both felt welcomed and embraced by the business community when they opened their studio. They feel proud to be a part of what they see as a wonderful group of small, independent businesses in Prince Rupert and note that the business community here is very supportive of one another. Collaboration, rather than competition, is evident among business owners. They are grateful for the residents of Prince Rupert who are very generous when it comes to supporting their fellow Ruperites in their business ventures and feel that Prince Rupert will continue to grow as long as that enthusiasm remains vibrant.

Tobie and Samantha agree that Prince Rupert is a wonderful community and an ideal place to raise a family. It is inhabited by friendly people who care for and support each other in times of need. It is also a place with a wealth of outdoor recreational opportunities, whether it's an outdoor sport or simply the ability to get out and go for a scenic walk (the Butze Rapids trail is one of their favourite walking places).

200 101 1 Ave
Prince Rupert, BC V8J 3X4


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