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Your Radiant Life whole-heartedly guides people towards a renewed sense of purpose. Discover your true potential with a vibrant Transformative Life and Health Coach who supports others on their journey to self-actualization and pure joy.

The sky is the limit; make the change that you want to see in your life. Your Radiant Life will assist you as you channel your vision towards fruition with vibrant workshops, one-on-one energy work, life coaching, health coaching and long-term wellness programs.

Let Your Radiant Life teach you to release the joyfulness that is lingering under the surface. You deserve to be happy and you deserve it today. Learn to break negative self-talk habits. Learn to love who you are, inside and out.

Meet Reyann Malcolm

Meet Reyann Malcolm

As a wife and mother of two young children, Reyann Malcolm knows the internal battle that many people go through when not making themselves a priority. It doesn’t take much, just taking that first, small baby step is a step in the right direction.

The Your Radiant Life owner and transformative coach speaks from the heart as she describes the effect her talents has on her clients. She finds her own sense of purpose “in supporting women who feel lost or stuck in their lives to discover their passions in life.”

That support is certainly reciprocated as Reyann feels the outpouring of love throughout her community. Prince Rupert highlights cohesiveness between residents, making it a wonderful place to raise a family. Reyann especially loves the opportunities for endless hiking, kayaking and skiing, all of which is within reach of the amazing outdoor playground. A trifecta of ocean, mountains and rainforests.

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