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For over twenty years Lonnie has been creating commercial photography for advertising needs, and her images have appeared in hundreds of North American newspapers and magazines as well as in countless business websites, brochures and other marketing materials. From hotel rooms to meeting spaces, corporate portrait portfolios to food photography, Lonnie has built up a strong body of experience. Lonnie has shot images and video of events across the continent and produced virtual tours of museums. She has flown into remote locations to shoot adventure tourism experiences, shot extensive film files for promoting destinations to the film industry and even shot specific photos for corporate giveaway snowboards.

Lonnie specializes in environmental portraiture and did her first major museum exhibit of environmental portraits in 2000. She brings this sensibility of capturing people in the environments in which they are most comfortable. Today she is best known for her work in the creation of people in industrial settings and corporate portfolios, but she is also known for modeling and glamour work.

Lonnie Wishart’s images are available on a very wide range of products that make the perfect gift. Presentation prints are available in standard framed options, or in more innovative presentations such as wooden gallery blocks or even printed on acrylic or aluminum. Lonnie Wishart offers a whole line of high-quality handbags, as well as pillows, blankets, marble coasters and fridge magnets. Lonnie Wishart’s work and products are available directly from Lonnie or from the Museum of Northern BC gift shop.

Meet Lonnie Wishart

Meet Lonnie Wishart

Lonnie Wishart grew up on the prairies in the heart of Canadian farmland. Those years were formative for her. She developed a sense of appreciation of the land that feeds the country and a strong bond with animals (farm animals and pets alike) that continues to today.

Lonnie worked in media for many years: television, radio and newspapers. She eventually landed in Prince Rupert and began doing photography as a part-time side business which turned into a full-fledged business in commercial and art photography in 1999. Since that time she has worked with a variety of clients in many different capacities producing photographs ranging from personal portraits to landscapes to industrial equipment. Lonnie can find beauty in just about everything and delights in capturing that on film or in print. Her work also gives her many opportunities to be involved in some of the most special events of people's lives.

Lonnie puts much of her time into her business, learning and educating herself. Outside of business, she likes to spend time with her family, work in her garden and play with her beloved critters. Community service also plays a significant role in her life. She is heavily involved in Prince Rupert Crime Stoppers. She believes that serving in a small community has more impact than in a big city because what you do affects and benefits people more closely in a small town.

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