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The Gym and Gift Prince Rupert is a 7500 square-foot, full fitness gym facility, serving the community of Prince Rupert since 1999. With a comprehensive variety of fitness equipment, you can work out your entire body or target specific areas. The Gym and Gift Prince Rupert is proudly committed to a higher standard of cleanliness and hygiene so you can work out with confidence. For your convenience, the facility is accessible 24 hours per day so you can exercise and train on your own schedule. The Gym and Gift Prince Rupert offers affordable fees and membership options, ensuring that you get maximum value for your money. You can even start or end your workout with a healthy, fresh fruit protein shake. Members also have access to The Gym’s two upright tanning capsules. Be sure to stop by the gift shop before you leave, where you’ll find Prince Rupert’s best selection of fitness accessories, including yoga mats and gym equipment, plus massages, nutritional supplements and a unique inventory of giftware.

Meet Linda Lutz

Meet Linda Lutz

In a small town like Prince Rupert, every part of life and work is defined and characterized by relationships. Connections are valuable and especially important in a small community where everyone is dependent on each other in one way or another for necessities, support and success. This is one of the things that Linda Lutz most appreciates about living and doing business in Prince Rupert. It also means that businesses are held to a higher standard and must remain committed to the level of service and quality of products that they offer. Linda continually rises to this challenge in the business that she started in 1999. "The people in this community are our friends," says Linda. "We want to provide a service that they appreciate, and we appreciate that our members treat the Gym with respect and care as well."

Linda, in turn, is appreciative of the people who live in this community. She notes that Prince Rupert residents are especially supportive, whether it is in their willingness to spend their money with local independent businesses, or to help out a fellow citizen in need. It makes a big difference in everyone's quality of life. She is also appreciative of her staff ( Shelbie, pictured here) and all the efforts they make to contribute to the member's experience.

Linda is proud of the gym facility that has been part of the community for so long. She is grateful to her clients, some of whom have been customers for many years. She is also proud of being able to offer 24 hour access to members, something that sets The Gym apart and which members appreciate, particularly those with very busy schedules or who do shift work and have a hard time coming in during traditional business hours.

501 3 Ave
Prince Rupert, BC V8J 1L9


Monday to Friday
8:00 am - 8:00 pm

10:00 am - 4:00 pm

12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

24 hour access available to members

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