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Stuck on Designs is a full-service print, sign, clothing decorating and promotional product shop, one on the most diverse customizing businesses you will find.

Stuck on Designs offers the latest in printing technology and equipment, backed by a knowledgeable, creative team and the ability to deliver results and high-quality customized products for everything from your business to your personal needs. Stuck on Designs can work with your designs, or you can work with its professional in-house graphic designers to produce original art for your print, garment or promotional product. Stuck on Designs is committed to quick, efficient and thorough service, with delivery available throughout Canada. All production is completed on site.

Meet Mike Slubowski & Barbra Burton

Meet Mike Slubowski & Barbra Burton

Business partners Mike Slubowski and Barb Burton first got to know each other when they worked together in the newspaper industry. When the paper they worked for went out of business, they decided to start their own company in 2005, evolving into Stuck on Designs. Mike and Barb have always invested in people, technology and equipment, making it possible to offer a wide range of services. This has allowed them to compete on a very broad scale, and clients are often surprised by the ability to personalize or customize just about anything. They are most proud of the fact that nearly everything they create is made on site in Prince Rupert, creating local jobs.

Since 2005, Mike and Barb’s business has worked with many of Prince Rupert’s and the north coast’s businesses in one way or another. Being in regular contact with so many businesses gives them a good pulse on the community and the local economy, and they are happy with what they see. Independent business owners are optimistic about the future and excited to see so many small businesses.

Both Barb and Mike have been in Prince Rupert for over 30 years, each raising their families in the community. Both agree that Prince Rupert is a family-oriented, friendly community. They appreciate the gorgeous scenery and mild weather, and Mike doesn’t even mind the rain. “It’s easier than shoveling snow!” he says.

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