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Spectrum City Dance has been providing high quality dance instruction in the community of Prince Rupert since 1989. Spectrum City Dance offers training and education in a variety of dance styles, including ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, modern, acrobatics and Irish, as well as musical theatre and pre-school dance classes for children beginning at age three. All classes are taught by experienced and certified dance instructors who love the art of dance and are committed to educating children. For those who wish to be further challenged SCD offers a top-notch and highly-successful competitive dance program supported by workshops and choreography with dance educators and choreographers from Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles, etc.

Spectrum City Dance is a member of the the Royal of Academy of Dance (RAD) for ballet, Associated Dance Arts for Professionals (ADAPT) for tap, jazz and acrobatics and Canadian Dance Teachers Association (CDTA) for tap, jazz and acrobatics.

Meet Ella Ferland

Meet Ella Ferland

Ella Ferland is passionate about the art of dance. She taught dance in various capacities throughout her adult life, but it was when she and her husband moved to Prince Rupert in 1989 that she started what would become a successful and respected dance school. She started out teaching privately, later partnering with another dance teacher and offering instruction in rented facilities throughout town. When the business grew and adequate rental space became impossible to find, Ella's contractor husband stepped in. "I'm building you a studio," he announced. It is that same studio, lovingly hand build to spec, that Spectrum City Dance operates in today. Says Ella, "I feel grateful every single day that I walk in here to have this beautiful space."

Success doesn't necessarily come in the form of monetary rewards. Rather, it is often found in the facial expression of a child who pulls off a perfect dance routine, or a graduated dance student who drops in for a visit because the studio played such a significant role in her life and development. "There is a real family atmosphere here," Ella says. Every staff member, from teachers to administrative staff, take a genuine interest in the students' growth, and children feel that from the minute they walk into the studio. "It's like a second home to them," Ella notes. Plus, dancers tend to form very deep, strong bonds with each other that often last for years, well after graduation, whether they continue to dance or not.

Part of what helps these relationships to form and cement themselves is the fact that the community is so tight-knit and family-friendly. It is simply easier and more pleasurable to form relationships in a place like Prince Rupert. Not only that, but the community is one that has been tremendously supportive of the performing arts throughout the years, playing host to shows and events and through donations to the arts.

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