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Skeena Kayaking has been providing kayaking adventures in Prince Rupert and around the Skeena region since 2005. Skeena Kayaking offers a diverse range of services, including guided kayak tours, kayaking lessons, group tours and group-building sessions, summer paddling camps for children, kayak rentals and mobile kayak delivery to Terrace, Kitimat and surrounding areas. School and church groups and clubs welcome. Skeena Kayaking works with paddlers of all skill levels, including those brand new to kayaking. Novices learn in a sheltered area of the bay, while those with more experience looking for a challenge are led to an open area in the harbour. No matter what the location, paddlers are treated to incredible scenery with views of the mountains and even encounters with wildlife. Skeena Kayaking also offers new and used kayak and equipment sales. Lessons and tours are provided by professional guides certified by Paddle Canada.

Meet Joe Paolinelli

Meet Joe Paolinelli

Joe Paolinelli had sold his automobile business and was wondering what his next step was going to be. With family in the area, he didn't want to leave the community that he loved. He learned that a local kayaking business had closed down. Joe had long been an avid kayaker and canoer and wondered if he could take one of his favourite activities and turn it into a business. His thoughts soon became a business plan, and in 2005 he launched Skeena Kayaking.

Joe admits there have been many growing pains along the way. However, having worked for himself for his entire life, Joe had a lot of business experience to draw upon. He persisted through the challenging times, and today he has a thriving business with a diverse customer base, including many cruise ship visitors who opt to kayak the waters around Prince Rupert when their ship docks. Joe's business has a great deal to offer to people, novice or pro, who want to experience kayaking in the Skeena region.

Joe is technically retired, though tourist season keeps him much too busy to relax. Fortunately, his long days at work usually include time on the water, which Joe always enjoys and which makes all of his other tasks worthwhile. Rest for Joe comes during the off-season when things slow down and only the hardiest of paddlers venture out onto the water. Autumn and winter bring lots of travelling and time spent with family until it's time to start getting ready for the next paddling season.

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