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A boutique store located in the boutique-style Cow Bay shopping and business district, the Seahorse Trading Company offers a variety of beautiful and eclectic gifts and products. Many are unique to and within Prince Rupert. For you, your home or as a gift for someone special, the Seahorse Trading Company focuses on uncommon items with special appeal. Inside the waterfront shop, guests will find smart toys, healthy snacks, wild-crafted and local beauty products, sophisticated travel accessories and bags and quality souvenirs in a welcoming oceanfront environment. The Seahorse Trading company is co-located with Fukasaku, the finest sushi restaurant in town.

Meet David Smook & Lucy Pribas

Meet David Smook & Lucy Pribas

Prince Rupert may be considered a small town, but "it feels cosmopolitan," says David Smook. The boutique community of Cow Bay and its festive feel is part of the reason. The influx of annual tourists and the docking of cruise ships is another part of that equation. Perhaps more than anything else, though, is the excitement of local merchants and business owners who are committed to their community and love what they do. David and his wife, Lucy Pribas, certainly love their jobs. "Our goal is to bring that vibe, and it is reinforced by all the great people that come in the door."

While their business sees a lot of tourists, they really rely on the locals for their prosperity. Having grown from a tiny consignment shop to where the business is today, David and Lucy are truly grateful for their local customers. "It has been an incredible journey full of challenges and good luck," notes David. "I am blessed by the people who have helped and supported me along the way." In a small town, small business is usually all about relationships, and David and Lucy enjoy the social aspect of their work and getting to know their customers. Doing so means being able to provide better products with local appeal, and being able to "surprise customers and have fun as well."

Prince Rupert, says David, is simply a wonderful community all the way around. He and Lucy appreciate its cultural diversity, its outstanding scenery and waterfront location, its fresh, clean air, and the ability to easily know one's neighbours and feel safe. It is also rife with activities to pursue, both in and out of doors. Going for a walk in the woods is one of the couple's favourites things to do outdoors. Indoors, they read good books and also write and direct plays for Prince Rupert's annual Udderfest.

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