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Your business is their business at Rapid Gantry Manufacturing, where you’ll find the latest in products, technology and techniques for signs and other customized items. Rapid Gantry Manufacturing specializes in signage of all kinds, including 3D and textured signs and engraved wood signs. In addition to commercial signage, Rapid Gantry Manufacturing also produces quality-crafted home and cabin signs for private customers. Their design experts work closely with clients to create a sign that is unique, tailored to needs and has the right look and feel to express what a business or client is all about. In addition to signs, Rapid Gantry Manufacturing is able to custom manufacture and personalize a range of other goods for customers, including engraved beer tap handles, personalized coasters, memorial pet plaques and much more.

Meet Jason Hakki

Meet Jason Hakki

Jason Hakki has a creative soul and a knack for machines, both working with and building them. It was the combination of these two passions that lead him to start Rapid Gantry Manufacturing in 2011. Now he gets to put his creativity to work every day, both in the artistry that goes into sign-making and the problem-solving and brainstorming that goes along with business ownership. Precision and quality workmanship are extremely important to Jason, and every sign or other personalized piece that his business creates has been crafted down to the last fine detail.

Jason has lived in Prince Rupert his whole life and loves the region and its amazing views and natural spaces. Even though he has always lived here, he doesn't take the beautiful setting for granted and considers it a privilege to live in such a spectacular place. "Even our worst rainy, windy day is beautiful," he says, though he definitely prefers sunny days, and tries to take advantage of them by getting out on the water and going fishing.

Jason also appreciates the special kind of camaraderie that comes with living in a small town like Prince Rupert. When it comes to owning and operating his business, "I feel connected with my customers. The feedback, recognition and support I get is truly special," says Jason, adding, "I am able to have a noticeable impact with my business." Outside of work, it means always being able to depend on neighbours and fellow community members in times of need.

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