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The Prince Rupert Sunken Gardens are heritage gardens with a spectacular display of colourful, lush flowers, shrubs and trees for all to enjoy. The space is the only large garden area used extensively by the community and the thousands of tourists that visit Prince Rupert every year.

Many guests utilize the picturesque setting for their family picnics, photography sessions, wedding ceremonies and various park activities. It’s a space designed for relaxation, togetherness and fun. Children and families are often seen running around, reading books or playing frisbee.

Speckled throughout the Prince Rupert Sunken Gardens are numerous seating areas and a built-in chess and checkers table for all ages to enjoy. Electrical outlets are available. There are no fees to visit or host your event, however, please consider donating to ensure the gardens remain beautiful for years to come. Be sure to support the Prince Rupert Sunken Gardens fundraising efforts and participate in their annual city gardens tour and tea event.

Located right next to the harbour on your way from downtown, the Prince Rupert Sunken Gardens provides a quaint respite for the community to experience. Tranquility and peace await you in the park, featuring an assortment of perennial and annual blooms.

Head out for a stroll and discover the lovely Prince Rupert Sunken Gardens today.

Meet the Prince Rupert Garden Club

Meet the Prince Rupert Garden Club

The Prince Rupert Sunken Gardens has been in existence since the 1920’s and has had a colourful history throughout the years. What began as the original courthouse site soon became a massive hole after the courthouse was relocated. To beautify the community, the provincial government turned the vacant lot into a beautiful garden.

Over the years, the state of the Prince Rupert Sunken Gardens ebbed and flowed with each decade, eventually losing steam towards the turn of the century. In 2003, the Prince Rupert Garden Club took on the monumental task of reclaiming the overgrown mess.

Andree Fawcett is the club’s president and a professional landscaper. It was her, along with the many other volunteers who brought the space back to its former glory. The Garden Club hosts partnerships with various organizations to ensure the gardens are tended to on a regular basis. The Prince Rupert Sunken Garden employs one full-time, seasonal employee and a slew of passionate and dedicated volunteers.

The Prince Rupert Garden Club’s mandate is to help beautify the city, educate the public and foster the love and appreciation of gardening.

Behind the Courthouse on McBride Ave
Prince Rupert, BC V8J 1N4


Open year round for your enjoyment