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The Prince Rupert Special Events Society is a volunteer-driven and operated society responsible for the planning and execution of Prince Rupert’s four annual community festivals: the Children’s Festival (first Saturday in March), Seafest (second weekend in June), Canada Day (July 1st) and Winterfest (first weekend in December). Each of the four festivals plays a significant role in Prince Rupert’s culture, providing a place for residents to gather and enjoy wholesome entertainment as well as a means of generating business and attracting tourists. The society is made up of volunteers, and each event is planned and executed entirely by volunteers. Community sponsors are also a central part of helping to financially sustain these events and make them available and accessible for all residents and visitors to enjoy.

Meet The Prince Rupert Special Events Society Board & Volunteers

Meet The Prince Rupert Special Events Society Board & Volunteers

Prior to the forming of the Prince Rupert Special Events Society, community events were put on by various groups from within Prince Rupert. The Prince Rupert Special Events Society took over the planning of these important and well-loved events in 1992, bringing them all under a single umbrella. A group of dedicated volunteers was rallied from within the community, citizens who had a passion for bringing the community together to celebrate the town and its people. Not only do they organize each of the four annual festivals, they also recruit volunteers to work the various events as well as secure funding to ensure that the festivals remain free to the public.

Joy Sundin is just one of those volunteers. She is a board member and has been with the society almost since its inception along with a number of other volunteers. Joy commends the hard work of all of the board members and the many hundreds of volunteers that it takes each and every year to run each event. "There is lots of community spirit here," Joy says. Students, elders and persons of all ages, abilities and talents are encouraged to pitch in and help with the various festivals. They’re always looking for people who are eager to help out in any way they can. After all, volunteering is good for you and good for your community's well-being.

Society members and volunteers often get positive feedback from the public, both during the events and throughout the rest of the year. Everyone who attends one has a great time. The festivals also draw a lot of visitors from the smaller surrounding communities who appreciate being able to come and enjoy being a part of the greater Prince Rupert vibe and spirit.

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