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Mission Health and Wellness is a natural health food store offering products ranging from gluten-free alternatives, vegan options, teas, natural supplements, essential oils, sports nutrition and more – all conveniently located at in Prince Rupert.

Owner Farah Murphy is a proud member of her community and is passionate about promoting health and well-being in Prince Rupert and Northwest BC. Mission Health and Wellness strives to make buying organic and natural food in Prince Rupert easy and convenient for everyone.

Meet Farah Murphy

Meet Farah Murphy

Owner Farah Murphy says it was really out of necessity that she opened up her business in Prince Rupert. "A large population in Prince Rupert has dietary restrictions," she says. "People in need of products to suit gluten-free and vegan diets or other nutritional restrictions had few options to choose from. There was nowhere in town to purchase all of their health needs in one spot and people had to travel to Terrace, Smithers, Vancouver or shop online. There was a demand that I wanted to meet; I saw an opportunity to offer this in our town."

"I am still very new to entrepreneurship," Farah explains. “I am learning as I go but I have to say, I get an immense feeling of satisfaction when I can provide a product for someone that didn't have access to it before. Opening people’s eyes to the benefits of whole foods and their role in a healthy lifestyle is also amazing. I’m really proud of myself for making my dream a reality."

Farah explains that she’s thankful for the special relationship you are able to make while doing business in a small town. “I know who my customers are,” she says. “They are my neighbours, teachers, friends and friends of friends."

Three years ago Farah moved to Prince Rupert and was immediately welcomed into the community. For Farah, it is the people that make this place so great and Northern BC so beautiful. After being on the north coast for three years, she is still in awe of the surrounding nature and how easy it is to access it. Farah spends her days with her family, walking their favourite local trails and just enjoying it all.

Prince Rupert is a fantastic town with a lot of opportunity and Farah believes there will be great economic growth there over the next few years and she is excited to play her part in it.

800 McBride
Prince Rupert, BC V8J 3G8


Tuesday to Saturday
10:00 am - 6:00 pm