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Leanne’s Pet Shop has been helping Prince Rupert pets live long and eat healthy since 1988. Leanne’s Pet Shop emphasizes natural, wholesome eating by stocking an extensive supply of natural and holistic pet foods, treats and dietary supplements, including many made in BC and Canada products. Pet lovers will also find a broad and dynamic selection of pet supplies like dog toys, leashes and much more to keep your pet entertained and active. Leanne’s Pet Shop can also set you up with a new pet from its living inventory of fish, reptiles. birds and small animals. At Leanne’s Pet Shop, the staff are pet-lovers just like you, so they’re committed to providing you with the best products, the most up-to-date health and nutrition information and caring, compassionate support and advice anywhere.

Meet Leanne Durnford

Meet Leanne Durnford

Pet owners tend to have instant rapport because of their mutual love for animals, a fact that makes building business pleasurable and natural for Leanne Durnford. She's met hundreds of people in her decades of business in Prince Rupert. She's met many of their pets, too. Their affection for their pets, whether canine, feline or other manner of critter, creates an instant bond and connection with customers that Leanne appreciates.

Of course, says Leanne, people who live in Prince Rupert are naturally friendly anyway, always open to new connections. It is one of her favourite aspects of life here. "You're able to know a lot of people," says Leanne, which lends itself to a feeling of camaraderie and security that is missing in city living. Not only are the people wonderful, according to Leanne, but the weather and the ocean views are fabulous, too. "It may rain here, but when the sun shines it's beautiful," she says.

Leanne was born and raised in Prince Rupert and comes from a family of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship was in Leanne's DNA, and when it became apparent to her that a dedicated pet store was needed in Prince Rupert, she started one. In her decades in business, she has seen ups and downs in the economy and changes in shopping trends, but she is confident in local small business owners' fierce dedication and resilience. "I think there is a good future for small businesses here," Leanne states. "There is a strong core of businesses that have been through the good and bad." Their capacity to keep going is due to their ability to connect with locals and offer personalized service that makes all the difference.

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