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Javadotcup offers a carefully hand-picked selection of fine coffees and teas from all over the world. Savour your favourite brew along with fabulous world-inspired home-style food, including made-in-house soup, sandwiches, authentic Japanese food, desserts, cocktails, wine and beer. Located inside a beautiful 100-year-old historic building, Javadotcup’s atmosphere is warm and relaxing. Javadotcup offers regular theme nights throughout the year along with live music by some of Prince Rupert’s most talented musicians and bands.

Are you an out-of-town visitor looking for an affordable place to stay? Javadotcup offers guesthouse accommodations for leisure and business travelers.

Meet Yoriko Yamaguchi

Meet Yoriko Yamaguchi

For Yoriko Yamaguchi, Javadotcup is like a second home. That feeling comes partly from her efforts to make the cafe a comfortable, relaxing and inviting place. It is also due to the fact that her customers, and community members in general, are so friendly and laid back. Yoriko and her staff always feel like they are entertaining friends and family when they serve their guests, and many of those guests do end up becoming friends. In fact, says Yoriko, it is easy to get to know people in Prince Rupert. It is also easy to get involved in the community, where clubs and groups are more visible and participation is really needed and appreciated by others.

Prince Rupert is Yoriko's husband Julian Mar's hometown. Yoriko came to Prince Rupert when she met her husband and quickly adopted it as her own. They both revel in Prince Rupert's beautiful scenery, especially the ocean. Yoriko even loves the rain!

The couple has owned Javadotcup since 2009. They've seen ups and downs in business since then and have experienced firsthand some of the challenges that come with small business ownership. However, Yoriko believes that providing people with good customer service is central to staying in business and weathering the slow times. She always strives to take care of her customers in the way that she would like to be served if she was the customers. She also takes pride in the flavour, freshness and presentation of the food that she serves and knows that her customers appreciate it.

516 3 Ave
Prince Rupert, BC V8J 1L8


Monday to Friday
7:30 am - 6:00 pm

9:00 am - 6:00 pm

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