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Jaques Counselling & Art Therapy takes your mental wellness seriously. This non-judgmental, private counselling agency abides by a strict moral and clinical code, ensuring all clients feel safe and comfortable to work through their individual issues in a supportive environment.

Well-suited to any age and demographic, Jaques Counselling & Art Therapy is a registered clinical counsellor (RCC) and board-certified registered art therapist (ATR-BC) with direct billing capabilities through insurance companies. As a registered service provider with the Crime and Victim Assistance Program, First Nations Health Authority IRS program, First Nations Health Authority Crisis Intervention Program, and Employee Health Assistance Programs, the practice has earned recognition through expert training and sensitivity in cultural and minority welfare.

Not only that, Jaques Counselling & Art Therapy has proven success working with adolescent issues, trauma, mood disorders, anxiety, panic, depression, grief and loss, self-injury, suicide, addictions, family counselling and identity issues.

Many people will require mental health support in their lifetime. Jaques Counselling & Art Therapy has the compassion and unbiased support to help all walks of life.

Meet Marlaina Jaques

Meet Marlaina Jaques

Marlaina Jaques first came to Prince Rupert for a career opportunity a few short years ago. She quickly identified a need for additional services in the mental health and wellness industry, leading to the birth of her very own private practice in 2016. Marlaina has been proud to support her fellow community members, with the ultimate goal of reaching out to as many people as possible. There are some under-served regions in Northern BC and it is Marlaina’s intention to help them.

With a few years living along the beautiful coast under her belt, this entrepreneur has decidedly become hooked on life in the north. Marlaina enjoys spending much of her free time exploring the endless outdoor opportunities, and of course, expressing herself through art. Every outing a new trail, or a new outlook is discovered. It’s always beautiful, even in the rain.

For this counsellor and private practice owner, business in Prince Rupert has been steadily pulling out new and exciting ventures. She loves seeing innovative entrepreneurs thriving in her community.

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