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Homework is Prince Rupert’s one stop shop for fashion, home decor and gifts. Homework specializes in the unique, the eclectic and things that you won’t find anywhere else on the north coast. In addition to the latest in contemporary fashion for women and men, Homework also carries furniture and accessories, decorative items, bath and body products, specialty and gourmet foods and mixes and things that are just plain silly and fun.

Meet Lucy Pribas & David Smook

Meet Lucy Pribas & David Smook

Lucy Pribas and David Smook say that their foray into entrepreneurship began as little more than a gut feeling. Before they even knew exactly what kind of business they wanted to start, they began checking out local retail spaces for lease. When they located a spot they liked, they took it. "This was a blind leap into the dark!" Lucy says laughingly. They knew there would be some risk involved. There was an economic slump at the time, and several local businesses were closing, but Lucy was optimistic and felt she had something new and vibrant to offer the business and shopping community. Soon the planning stages for their new store began.

For the first few years the shop sold only clothing. However, as business grew, Lucy and David expanded into décor and other items for the home in a separate location. Later they combined the two into what Prince Ruperites have come to know and love as Homework.

Lucy and David deeply appreciate the community of Prince Rupert, both for its wonderful people and its beautiful atmosphere. They like the fact that it has urban chic without the big-city hustle and bustle, and that there are so many services and amenities available. They feel privileged to live each day with a view of the ocean and the access to fresh healthy seafood that comes with being so close to the sea. They appreciate that there are so many things to do, both indoors and out, that are accessible. Lucy's favourite recreational activities include walking, running and kayaking.

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