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Modern medicine has many benefits, however, it often focuses on a superficial, quick-fix to many ailments. For a full picture of your health and wellness, discover the underlying cause of your medical concerns with Great Bear Natural Medicine Clinic. The clinic offers a holistic alternative that heals the body from the inside-out, solving the root of the problem with long-term results.

As a family-oriented medical practice that serves all ages and stages, the friendly team of professionals have a knack with all types of people. For an all-encompassing experience, Great Bear Natural Medicine Clinic specializes in both chiropractic care and naturopathic medicine for a healthier, better you.

Proper posture and alignment effects quality of life immensely. Feel like yourself again with careful spine and joint adjustments, along with soft-tissue modalities. Trusted techniques such as Active Release, Graston and Webster ensure the process is safe and comfortable for patients of all types. Also offered are pediatric, pregnancy, pre- and post-natal care. Rest assured – you’re in good hands with Dr. Kyli Seier, Great Bear’s expert certified Chiropractor.

Naturopathic medicine is practiced in its traditional form with the application of nature cure principles. The treatments are applied in an effective, therapeutic order and include diet and nutrition, food intolerance evaluations, homeopathy, herbal medicine, acupuncture, spinal and joint adjustments, constitutional hydrotherapy, intravenous vitamin therapy, heavy metal chelation, alternative lab tests, supplements and vitamins. Taking the lead in naturopathic medicine is Dr. Taylor Seier, ND who has a wealth of certifications for all therapies offered at Great Bear Natural Medicine Clinic.

For all of naturopathic and chiropractic needs, contact Great Bear Natural Medicine Clinic and receive complete support towards healing and wellness.

Meet Drs Kyli & Taylor Seier

Meet Drs Kyli & Taylor Seier

Kyli and Taylor Seier are the husband and wife team behind Great Bear Natural Medicine Clinic. Together they have a daughter and a couple of dogs they enjoy spending quality time with. After many years investing their time into higher education in their professions, the Seier family had their sights set on relocating to a community with nature abound and a real camaraderie between the locals. They found exactly what they were looking for in the coastal community of beautiful Prince Rupert.

“We are excited to be in Prince Rupert and have so much support already. More people need to discover all that Prince Rupert has to offer. It is the gem of the north,” beams Kyli Seier.

Prince Rupert residents have welcomed the family and their alternative health practice with open arms. The Seiers feel lucky to get to know everyone on a first name basis and look forward to improving the health and healing of their fellow neighbours.

The area is growing and both Kyli and Taylor feel there is a lot of promise for the future in their new community. One of their favourite past-times is to check out the abundance of meandering trail systems hidden from civilization as it allows for new and exciting adventures each and every day.

133 9 St
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