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Eagle Bluff Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast is a unique bed and breakfast establishment. Located in an idyllic setting overlooking the ocean, sunsets, soaring eagles and even whales and other marine mammals can be viewed from the spacious deck. Eagle Bluff Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast serves recreational and business travellers. Nestled in the charming and historic Cow Bay marine district, Eagle Bluff Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast is within walking distance to downtown restaurants, shops, services and tourist attractions as well as regular bus service.

Guests can choose from seven different rooms that can accommodate singles, couples, families and small groups. Your stay includes a full, home-cooked breakfast that includes fresh fruits and baked goods made in-house (dietary needs can be accommodated upon request), free WiFi, laundry access and common use of an outdoor guest barbecue. Weekly stays are available during the off-season. At Eagle Bluff Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast you can’t get closer to the water without being in it!

Meet Mary Allen & Bryan Cox

Meet Mary Allen & Bryan Cox

Prince Rupert is a unique community, exceptional among small towns, according to Mary Allen and Bryan Cox. Here, says Mary, "we know our neighbours and fellow business operators. It is easy to work together and network. Businesses care about the well-being of each other and are supportive." Prince Rupert is home to friendly people who genuinely care for their neighbours and are actively involved in their community, and there is much to do here. Mary notes that there are lots of community events, festivals and organizations, providing many opportunities for activity and involvement that ultimately make Prince Rupert the wonderful place that it is.

Prince Rupert's setting also distinguishes it as a quality place to live. Its proximity to the ocean, forests and other outdoor areas encourages people to get outside, explore and be active or simply to sit back, relax and enjoy the views. Mary and Bryan do a lot of that from the deck of their restored historic home that serves as their bed and breakfast.

It was a view that was too amazing not to share, and they love to entertain their guests who, over the years they've been in business, have come from locations all around the world. They have a passion for the colourful history of the community and they enjoy conversing with their guests about it and about all the things there are to see and do in Prince Rupert. One of their favourites is the North Pacific Cannery Village Museum because it depicts so well the area's past and background.

201 Cow Bay Rd
Prince Rupert, BC V8J 1A2


Open year round!

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