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DataBoy Solutions is Prince Rupert’s source for communications solutions, digital tech and everything computers-related. DataBoy Solutions carries an extensive inventory of computers and accessories for personal, home and business use and can even build a custom system to your exact specifications and needs. DataBoy Solutions also stocks a variety of two-way radios, peripherals and car and marine stereo systems. DataBoy Solutions offers computer networking, server and two-way radio management services and is an authorized Shaw Direct agent. DataBoy’s skilled technicians are able to provide qualified and reliable repairs for all kinds of computers and laptops. Virtually all of your technology needs can be handled with expertise and a full commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

Meet Scott Youngman & James Mclaughlin

Meet Scott Youngman & James Mclaughlin

Scott Youngman admits that he stumbled into business ownership almost by accident when he and business partner James McLaughlin started DataBoy Solutions in 2010. Nevertheless, he couldn't be happier with his decision to provide Prince Ruperites with the technology they need for their homes and workplaces. Both Scott and James have found entrepreneurship to be deeply rewarding in many ways. The challenges are many and the work never seems to end, but that is part of what makes it so satisfying. The business has grown since they first opened, and they have enjoyed being able to drive the business forward according to their own ideals and to the needs of the community.

There is something special about life in a small town, but, according to Scott, Prince Rupert is a cut above the average small town, thanks to its oceanfront location. "You can have a small town anywhere, but our proximity to the ocean makes this place unique," says Scott. Its setting makes it one of the most beautiful places in BC to enjoy simple outdoor recreational pleasures like hiking and fishing.

It is also a place filled with character, thanks to its amazing people and its unique small businesses. "Prince Rupert is as cosmopolitan as a small town can be," says Scott. He and James believe that, in spite of some of the challenges facing small business, like Internet shopping, Prince Rupert business owners are flexible. "The small mom and pop shops will be small enough to maneuver and fill in the the gaps the Internet can not provide," Scott states. Finding a niche and offering personalized service will ensure there is always a place for the small business.

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