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Cowpuccino’s Coffee House is an award-winning coffee house and place for eating, whether it’s breakfast (available any time of the day), lunch or one of Cowpuccino’s renowned sweets, treats or baked goods. Everything is made from scratch right in its very own kitchen and the food and the coffee are always fresh. Daily specials round out Cowpuccino’s Coffee House’s regular menu of muffins, paninis, soups, wraps, sandwiches, samosas and desserts. Cowpuccino’s is even available for catering. Guests will also find a striking collection of locally-produced artwork for sale, as well as jewellery, mugs and other souvenirs and handcrafted items. Cowpuccino’s staff are outdoors lovers and have lots of advice to offer to tourists on what to do and see in Prince Rupert, on and off the beaten path, on land or on sea. Cowpuccino’s is a community booster and donates an estimated five percent of gross earnings to Prince Rupert charities.

Cowpuccino’s Coffee House is a member of the Prince Rupert Chamber of Commerce and the Cow Bay Merchants Association. Cowpuccino’s Coffee House has been the winner of several awards, including the Chamber of Commerce Child-Friendly Business of the Year Award, the Small Business of the Year Award and the Hospitality, Tourism and Service Award. It was nominated for Best Place to Work and the Community Involvement Award. It was a top-ten finalist for the Best Business in BC Award.

Meet Judson Rowse

Meet Judson Rowse

Judson Rowse laughs as he says he never saw himself owning a coffee shop before Cowpuccino's. "I went to school for biology and chemistry!" Judson had grown up in Prince Rupert and had deep ties to the community going back several generations. It was a natural choice to came back to his home town after graduating from university. When he first returned, he worked for several years as a substitute teacher when a very different opportunity presented itself.

Judson had always liked the Cow Bay area, long before it became a boutique village. He thought it would make a great little business area. When someone bought what was an old marina building and proposed a coffee shop in part of it, something awakened Judson's entrepreneurial spirit. He had a clear vision for what that could be, got the space and in 1996 opened Cowpuccino's.

These days it's one of many businesses that has sprung up in the area and has become a favourite hang out spot. Patrons love its funky and inviting atmosphere. Many customers make it a second home or a quiet place to study or read. It also draws a lot of tourists, and Judson and his staff often act as information providers on what to do in the area. Judson, an avid kayaker, has even been known to take out-of-towners on the water in kayaks himself, making him something of a casual tour guide too.

25 Cow Bay Road N
Prince Rupert, BC V8J 1A4


Monday to Saturday
7:00 am - 9:00 pm

7:00 am - 6:00 pm

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