Coral Keehn, Artist


Watercolour artist Coral Keehn is drawn to colour, texture and light. The unique and transparent nature of this most unpredictable, unstable and unforgiving of mediums lets the light dance nimbly and gracefully through her paintings and gives them a sumptuous and luminescent glow. It is this fresh, spontaneous, and elemental quality that affords Coral the opportunity to express emotion, moods and whimsy with a raw and unconstrained freedom. She offers a distinctive style of originals, reproductions and art cards for sale, along with unique and customizable spice blends and seed packets. Her work is showcased in her recently published and beautifully-illustrated children’s book, Wynken, Blynken and Nod based on the beloved Eugene Field poem. Coral Keehn is available for the creation of mid-sized murals, illustrations, art classes and workshops for youth and adults.

In 2016 Coral also released a line of grower-quality untreated flower and vegetable seeds, the collector worthy packaging emblazoned with her charming artwork. To the best of Coral’s knowledge, all seeds are this year’s stock and free from genetic modification (GMOs).

Meet Coral Keehn

Meet Coral Keehn

Coral has always felt connected to the west coast as she grew up along B.C.’s more southern yet still rugged coast. Prince Rupert has been her home for most of her adult life and she appreciates the lifestyle and the perfect balance of a spectacular natural environment, friendly people and diversity. Coral has been painting in watercolours since her early teens, drawing inspiration from the natural beauty that surrounds her home. She has found incredible support from her fellow artists in Prince Rupert.

The rugged coasts of B.C. have been Coral Keehn’s lifelong home, helping her form a strong connection with both land and ocean. She appreciates the lifestyle in Prince Rupert that she has enjoyed most of her life. It has afforded her a perfect balance of a spectacular natural environment, friendly people, and diversity. It is from the natural beauty of this landscape and its people that Coral has drawn inspiration for her work in watercolours since her early teens.
Coral has recently returned to Prince Rupert following a two-year sabbatical. The welcome and support she has received from her peers has been incredible.

After a three-year labour of love, Coral is proud to have launched her first fully illustrated children’s book, Wynken, Blynken and Nod where she brings forth a fanciful and creative interpretation of the nineteenth century lullaby by Dutch poet Eugene Field about the wistful place between sleep and dreams. Her beautiful and imaginative watercolours light a starlit path through the night sky of a wonder-filled dreamscape in this enchanting installation of sweet slumber and adventure.

Coral blends her art with a love of cooking, as demonstrated by her creation of a unique line of blended spices and rubs. “I make all of my own spice mixes and create the unique packaging that they all come in,” says Coral, “cooking is another one of my hobbies.” The array of spices and flavours are an art form in and of themselves. Coral’s talent for art, and passion for life gives her a style all her own.

Prince Rupert, BC V8J 2N1


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