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Barber Stirling Counseling & Consulting is a confidential clinical counseling service that provides therapeutic support for work related and employee issues through EFAP programs. The diverse private practice services are available using numerous modalities and are covered by extended health care plans, insurance providers, companies or health agencies. If none are available to the client, the rate for service is negotiated with the client on an appropriate sliding scale during the first half hour which is free.

Services are offered through face-to face in the confidential office suite or on occasion in the client’s location, by telephone or through E-counseling.

Meet Candace Stirling

Meet Candace Stirling

Candace Barber Stirling is an experienced Registered Clinical Counselor, Registered Nurse and International Addictions Counselor and Interventionist who seeks to come alongside people in a compassionate, non-judgemental manner so that they can engage in their personal journey toward healing and wholeness, meeting their own goals. She particularly likes to connect with people in the north, First Nations, immigrants, and those who live in rural, remote communities. Before starting Barber Stirling Counseling & Consulting in 2013, Candace held numerous management, leadership and clinical positions within health care, prisons, group homes and non-profit organizations. Having attended a residential school for four years, she is able to connect with survivors of trauma and residential schools in a unique, sensitive manner.

Candace has lived in Prince Rupert since 2009. She appreciates the lifestyle, the perfect balance of a spectacular natural environment, friendly people and diversity. Plus, it is so easy to get around. “A traffic jam in Prince Rupert is four cars at an intersection on a Friday afternoon!” she jokes. Candace enjoys many activities in addition to her private practice, such as exploring, swimming, cycling, music, drama, reading and crafts.

“I seek to live life to the fullest and help as many others to do so as possible.”

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