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RK Furniture Gallery is a local family owned business that features a gallery concept of shopping for the Prince George and area market. Since 1999 the staff of RK Furniture Gallery has taken great pride in supporting Canadian made manufacturers and offering higher-end products while still keeping in mind smaller market pricing. The gallery concept allows consumers the option to customize their furniture and create a look and feel all their own by offering endless choices in fabrics, leathers and wood finishes. If you haven’t experienced RK Furniture Gallery, you are invited to stop in and see what makes them unique. Take all the time you want to browse the gorgeous gallery showroom and its furniture, wall art, decorative accessories and lighting products. Guests will also find an extensive selection of contemporary bedding and quality appliances.

Meet Sonica & Ray Kandola

Meet Sonica & Ray Kandola

The Kandola family has a long history in the furniture business. When Sonica Kandola was young, her dad, Ray Kandola, started a furniture business in Prince George. Sonica started working there in her teen years. Years later in 1999, the family started RK Furniture Gallery together where Sonica is now an active business partner.

Sonica fondly recalls a childhood that was very intertwined with the community of Prince George. Born and raised here, Sonica says "I loved my childhood here." She decided as an adult that she wanted to provide the same kind of high-quality lifestyle to her own family. Becoming a part of the family business has afforded her the opportunity to do just that.

A lot has changed about Prince George since Sonica was a child. "There is a much more diverse demographic of professionals and younger professionals working in this city," she notes. Something that hasn't changed, though, is the deep-rooted sense of community and familiarity that people who live here have with one another. Here, Sonica says, "our clients become our friends. There is a much more personal feeling when you do business with people. They will have connections to you in some way and are not just a face or a name." It's a special kind of camaraderie that's hard to come by in a big city. Sonica adds that all of the cultural activities and community organizations in Prince George add a real depth to life here, not to mention the outdoors and the many activities that you can enjoy in nature. Sonica loves to spend time walking the amazing local trails. She is also very active in the Rotary Club and its initiatives throughout the city.

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