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The Prince George Folkfest Society is proud to present “Coldsnap: the Prince George winter music festival”. This nine-day live music festival features a variety of musicians, bands and artists representing a cross-section of genres guaranteed to warm your heart during the long cold northern winter. Coldsnap also features free live music workshops which are open to the public. Since its inaugural festival in 2008, Coldsnap has become one BC’s top cultural events and has received nods from the Globe and Mail, CBC and Westworld.

The Prince George Folkfest Society hosts other live shows and events throughout the rest of the year at various local venues. The society regularly collaborates with community groups throughout the year to develop partnerships that will continue to provide opportunities for Prince George residents to enjoy live concerts and participate in musical events. The society also provides musical entertainment for other local events such as ArtsBazaar.

The Prince George Folkfest Society is a member of the Prince George Chamber of Commerce, the BC Touring Council, Folk Music Canada, MusicBC, the Canadian Arts Presenting Association, WRAD, the Northern Interior Communities Association and the Prince George Community Arts Council.

Meet Prince George Folkfest Society

Meet Prince George Folkfest Society

The Prince George Folkfest Society is a grassroots community group made up entirely of local volunteers. It was their common love for music and the arts that brought them together. Their goal was to create a large-scale musical event that would feature live musical performances. Their vision wasn't just to provide an entertaining event but to make it one that was inclusive of and allowed access for all members of the community. The first Coldsnap was held in 2008 and the nine-day festival has been an annual event ever since.

Sue Judge is the Executive/Artistic Director of the society and is proud of the many volunteers who have helped out in various capacities throughout the years. Putting on an event of this scale takes a massive number of volunteers and months of planning. None of it would happen without these faithful volunteers, which includes society members, board members as well as community members who step in as needed. Sue describes Prince George as being highly community-minded. It's small-town, family-like atmosphere makes the task of networking, recruiting and screening volunteers an easier and more enriching experience.

Sue also notes that the business community has been eager to get behind efforts like Coldsnap and the Prince George Folkfest Society. Sue and other society members appreciate this support and have been able to form many partnerships in collaboration with local businesses. These partnerships help to ensure that the event continues and that it remains viable as well as accessible to all.

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