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Since 2010, Kaiten Mixed Martial Arts Academy and Fitness has been teaching a mix of Brazillian Jui-jitsu, Wrestling, Thai Boxing, Taekwon-do, Judo, Boxing, Yoga and more. At Kaiten Mixed Martial Arts Academy clients receive instruction on the fundamentals of Mixed Martial Arts consisting of several grappling and striking martial art systems. Instructors know that no two clients are alike and are able to customize their lessons to any age and all skill levels. Clients leave each and every class feeling empowered and more confident to navigate their world.

Owner Karmjeet has many examples of how his Mixed Martial Arts Academy has bettered the lives of his clients, especially children. “I have lots of stories of children who have had a life transformation after our martial art training,” said Karmjeet. “Our children’s classes have proven results.” He is proud of the lives he has positively changed over the years through Martial Arts training.

Kaiten Mixed Martial Arts Academy is for all ages and provides a complete Martial Arts program for you and your family in a fun, safe environment. The Academy fosters a helpful team environment where everyone supports one another in learning the fundamentals. They are flexible to the various needs of clients and are pleased to offer private classes, seminars, birthday parties and group events. They even offer a free no obligation trial period for all new members in all of their classes.

Meet Karmjeet Manhas

Meet Karmjeet Manhas

Karmjeet believes Prince George has "a ton of potential and is a great place to reside and do business". He is proud of being born and raised in Prince George and appreciates that his friends and family are only a short transit ride away. He enjoys the convenience of a small city where everything is close by, shopping can be done within a few minutes and the city still has the feel of a town of 5,000.

Prince George businesses have a good reputation and Karmjeet loves the personal treatment that customers receive in local stores. He especially likes Zoe's Java House, Loved Always and Nancy O's. He has noticed positive changes in Prince George since the University of Northern BC opened up, bringing refreshed vitality and a changed pathway for the city.

He loves being an entrepreneur and is proud of his community involvement and the way he leads by example for his members. The programs and training at Kaiten Mixed Martial Arts is a character development program using Martial Arts and physical fitness as a medium. “As a life skill, Martial Arts is the highest rated developmental activity besides swimming,” said Karmjeet. The well-balanced and instructed Martial Arts program is an incredible exercise for all ages and specifically helps children by building their confidence and self-esteem. Karmjeet feels this is the best gift he can give back to the community by helping parents raise emotionally and physically healthy, happy children.

Karm feels deeply that BC is the best place on earth and enjoys spending time in the scenic outdoors. Karm is a proud father and when he isn’t busy with work he spends time with his family and friends and enjoys a variety of fitness activities. Prince George has a thriving arts and culture scene that Karm actively supports by volunteering and organizing local events.

185 Dominion St
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Monday to Friday
3:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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