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Hubbell Designer Goldsmiths is the only jewellery store in Prince George, and one of only a small handful in BC, that makes every single piece on-site. In fact, every piece is exclusive and one-of-a-kind. Designer, goldsmith and store owner Darrell Hubbell designs each piece himself. While mass-produced jewellery and even many original pieces are created using digital software programs, Darrell is strictly old-school when it comes to design. Everything from the initial illustration and plan to the final product is produced solely by his own hands, including pouring of gold, the shaping of metal and setting of stones.

No matter what you purchase, you can feel confident that there will never be another piece exactly like it. Hubbell Designer Goldsmiths carries a large inventory of one-of-a-kind pieces in its showroom and also offers custom jewellery design for everything from engagement and wedding rings to stunning necklaces and bracelets and more.

Meet Darrell Hubbell

Meet Darrell Hubbell

Darrell Hubbell grew up in the old mining town of Cassiar, BC where his dad worked for many years. Darrell's father found a deposit of jade when Darrell was 10 years old. Using his find, his dad taught himself to cut jade, later passing on his newfound skills to his son. He also taught himself to make silver jewellery, and it wasn't long before Darrell began tinkering around in his dad's shop too, using metal scraps from his dad's projects. At the age of 12, Darrell picked up his father's soldering gun and proceeded to create his very first ring. His dad was astounded at its design and workmanship, and it sealed Darrell's destiny as a professional jewellery designer.

At the age of 17, Darrell and his family moved to Prince George. Though Darrell left for a few years as a young adult, he came back in 1984, borrowed $400 and opened up his own business in downtown Prince George. It has grown exponentially since then and went through a location change, but through it, all Darrell has never wavered in his mission. For him, it's not all about selling someone a piece of jewellery, but about "making the world a better place for each person who walks through our door." In fact, he has this motto hanging on the wall in his shop. He applies it not only to his work, but also to his extensive community involvement. Darrell volunteers with and donates to numerous local organizations. He currently sits on the board for the Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation. Darrell was even named "Citizen of the Year" by the Prince George Community Foundation in 2011.

Darrell has been at his profession for so long that he's now making jewellery for the children of the customers he made wedding rings for back in his early years. Darrell has a deep passion and natural talent for his work as well as for running a business and has a genuine love for his customers: "My clients are the best people on earth!" Retirement isn't anywhere on his mind ("My wife says I only have to work until I am 85," he jokes). There are simply too many more designs to create and too much work left to do to make the world a better place.

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