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Gurney House of Vision 2009 has been an integral part of eye care and health in Prince George since 1968. Founded by William Gurney, he worked the business until his retirement in 2009. Since then, it has grown under the ownership of professional licensed optician Yvonne Ryder, who worked under William Gurney for 16 years before purchasing the business from him. Owner Yvonne Ryder attends continuing education seminars and courses to maintain her license, which is renewed annually, in order to continue offering the latest in technological advances and eye wear products to the residents of Prince George.

Gurney House of Vision 2009 understands the need for experienced, highly trained professional optician services in Prince George. With its in-house lab, Gurney House of Vision 2009 provides prompt, excellent service to all its clients. Whether you’re a business person with a broken frame, a senior whose prescription has changed, or a child getting their first pair of glasses, the caring professionals at Gurney House of Vision 2009 will provide you with the highest quality lenses, frames and service. William Gurney always had an eye for quality and worked to bring the latest in eyewear styles and lenses to his customers. Yvonne and her staff strive to carry on this legacy in their commitment to service and product knowledge. Come in and meet the staff and let them show you the shop’s large frame inventory (including prescription and non-prescription sports eyewear) and help you to make the best possible choice in lenses to suit your vision needs. Gurney House of Vision 2009 welcomes the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

Meet Yvonne Ryder

Meet Yvonne Ryder

Autonomy is important to Yvonne Ryder, and being an independent business owner provides her with a certain freedom that isn't readily available in chain stores. Yvonne is appreciative of the autonomy she has to make business decisions that reflect the needs of the people of Prince George and which reinforce the mission and vision that was first started by Gurney House of Vision founder William Gurney in 1968. Yvonne has a particular heart for the seniors population of Prince George, and being independent has allowed her to take her services to seniors wherever they may be when they aren't able to get into the store. Yvonne makes frequent visits to places like the hospice, Gateway Lodge and the Chateau to fit residents with eyewear and make adjustments.

Yvonne notes that there is also a certain sense of autonomy that a business owner gets by locating in the downtown core rather than a mall. With fewer restrictions, business owners in the downtown area are free to make decisions that are in the best interests of their customers. Nevertheless, says Yvonne, downtown business owners are quick to work together on initiatives that aim to improve the downtown core and make it more shopper-friendly. Yvonne loves the unique character and ambiance that all of the downtown's independent businesses create.

Yvonne was born and raised in Prince George and worked for 16 years under founder and original owner William Gurney. William mentored and encouraged Yvonne as she went through her schooling and training to become a licensed optician, and instilled in her a sense of integrity and caring service. Yvonne is very proud to be carrying on the legacy that William began. "He was a very smart caring person," says Yvonne, and his reputation lives on in how she works with the current staff and clientele of Gurney House of Vision 2009.

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