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Books and Company is known as “Prince George’s living room.” It is a place to hang out, relax, sip a steaming cup of java and indulge in a good book. While many who visit for the first time come for its books, Books and Company is more than a bookstore. It’s an event venue, a meeting spot and a place to philosophize. Books and Company is all about sharing culture and taking the time to learn about one another. It encourages collaboration, discussion and pursuing knowledge and understanding. Books and Company host regular events to spark learning and mutual understanding, including guest speakers and appearances by personalities, musicians and authors as well as a regular Friday night mic gathering.

Books and Company is a member of the Prince George Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Business Association.

Meet Owen Lubbers

Meet Owen Lubbers

Books and Company has been a fixture in the downtown cultural scene since it opened in 1993. In spite of the emergence of e-books, there is just something about holding a book in your hand and interacting with others in a personal way that continues to make Books and Company a popular destination. That personal interaction, says co-owner Jim Brinkman, is key. "Face to face interactions are very rewarding," he says, and are central to the stores ongoing success. Plus, in a town like Prince George, you quickly get to know your regular customers and what they like, and it makes a difference in the experience that you can provide to customers.

Jim Brinkman started the book store during a time when there were few local book stores, and virtually no place at all to read, hang out and have a coffee all in one place. In 2003, Jim was joined by business partner Owen Lubbers. Being an independent book store has numerous benefits that Jim and Owen have taken full advantage of over the years. They bring in regular guest speakers to talk about culturally-relevant topics and invite authors who come to interact with fans. It was always Jim's and Owen's intention to make the store more than a place to shop. They desired to create a place to experience personal interaction and exchange information, and being independent has made all of that possible.

Jim and Owen believe that Prince George has a lot going for it. With so many amenities and a world of outdoor activities outside of everyone's back door, it offers a rich lifestyle that they appreciate. They're also optimistic about the future for business in Prince George, a town that is already full of hard-working and dedicated small business owners who are committed to seeing their community thrive.

1685 3rd Ave
Prince George, BC V2L 3G5


Monday to Saturday
9:30 am - 6:00 pm