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Denise Gardiner is an acclaimed musical artist residing in Moberly Lake, Chetwynd. Her melodies resonate deep within her listeners, who often describe the experience as ‘emotionally satiating’.

This singer/songwriter boasts an EP entitled “For You and I” and a single release dubbed “Prayer For The Peace”. Denise Gardiner is often spotted performing at fundraisers, coffee houses, private functions and various community events.

As a multi-talented musician, Denise Gardiner graces the stage with her voice finely tuned, often with an accompanying keyboard, and from time to time other musicians pair up for an eclectic experience, enlightening the senses. Performances can include light banter, amusing epiphanies, or insightful moments.

Denise Gardiner CD’s and download cards are available for purchase at ChetFM Radio & TV Station, The Chetwynd Art Gallery and The Tourist Centre.

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Meet Denise Gardiner

Meet Denise Gardiner

Music has been a major force in Denise Gardiner’s life. Her undeniable passion for captivating melodies began at a young age, fostering a seed that would stand the test of time. In no time at all, Denise began writing songs and composing them, and she has done so ever since.

“Writing and performing music is an itch I have to scratch. And I love the way I can touch people's hearts,” exclaims the artist.

Denise is well aware that few musicians would choose to reside in a small community. With full intention, this entrepreneur seeks out the intimate nature a smaller audience provides. She thrives on the casual setting of performances in Chetwynd, which encourage an open dialogue between the listener and entertainer- a rewarding experience for both parties.

And as for Chetwynd itself, this entertainer knows she has it made. Denise Gardiner has found solace in her community of over 40 years, a place where she feels taken care of both emotionally and literally by her fellow neighbours. According to the self-titled musician, Chetwynd is continuing to grow and diversify, while simultaneously fostering a unique and interesting shopping experience for locals and visitors alike.

“I have a lot of ties and roots here. I aim to spread my musical wares but here lies my foundation, my base for creating,” says Denise.

7397 Cove Lane
Moberly Lake, BC V0C 1X0


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