The Chocolate Nuthouse

Food & Beverage

Dreaming of sweet treats? Visit Mackenzie and have a sugar rush when you get sweet handmade treats from The Chocolate Nuthouse. What started as a hobby 35 years ago, has turned into a busy and delicious business. All the sweets at The Chocolate Nuthouse are handmade, with love, and all natural ingredients. No corners are cut, from pure vanilla to rich butter, and whole nuts, The Chocolate Nuthouse creates a treat for everyone.

Owner Pat likes to call her creations, treats for the soul, and once you taste them you’ll know exactly what she means. Pat is known for everything from her famous Sea-Snaps to her homemade Caramels. Everything from The Chocolate Nuthouse is handmade, and hand formed. That means every treat you pick (including the Mango Sweets) is filled with love and extra care.

Enticed by what you’ve read? Visit Pharmachoice to get your hands on all The Chocolate Nuthouse has to offer. Pharmachoice is the exclusive seller of The Chocolate Nuthouse, they stock all the favourites, including regularly stocked gift basket selections.

The Chocolate Nuthouse can be contacted via email ( to place larger orders directly, everything from wedding favours to corporate gifts are possible.

Meet Pat Rohleder

Meet Pat Rohleder

Owner Pat Rohleder started dabbling in chocolate 35 years ago, and what started as a small craft fair offering quickly grew through word of mouth and the people of Mackenzie’s love of her sweets! Now The Chocolate Nuthouse is a Mackenzie staple and Pat couldn’t be more grateful for the community and it’s infinite support! Pat loves that her small business allows her to interact with the public and see smiling faces and pure joy when someone bites in to her hand made sweet treats