Summit Escape


See with fresh eyes and new perspectives; that is what Summit Escape is all about. This free-lance photography studio has a keen eye for finding beauty in spaces that are often unnoticed. 

Summit Escape prefers subjects in the natural world and focuses their art style on dramatic lighting and exposures.

All of Summit Escapes photography is for sale and they are open to custom work.

Meet Sarah

Meet Sarah

Owner Sarah has always had a strong passion for photography and has been working behind the lens for over 20 years. With her small business venture, Sarah is harnessing her love into something she can share with clients and art lovers alike. Sarah loves that she can now spend more time with her family and see the true beauty in life.

1177-523 Babine drive
Mackenzie, BC V0J 2C0


9am - 11pm
Will answer text/calls/messages