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Soap n’ Delights believes that detergents and chemicals don’t belong on your skin. It creates a diverse range of artisan hand-made soaps as well as bath bombs and bath salts that contain simple, healthy, natural ingredients. Everything from the oils used to the gorgeous colorants come from natural sources.

In addition to soap, you’ll find an array of other delights like hand-made soy candles, delectable home-made jams and baking and other made-by-hand gift items. Soap n’ Delights can even create customized soaps and candles.

Meet Kim Chester

Meet Kim Chester

Kim Chester worked in retail for 15 years where she became well-versed in sales and customer service. It was excellent preparation for her to start her own soap-making and crafts business in 2013. She is enjoying working from home as well as other benefits that come with operating one's own business. "I can make the decisions on what products I make and can tailor products to the customers needs," she says.

Kim knows that small town businesses face some challenges that are vastly different from those in larger urban centres. However, they also have some distinct advantages, not the least of which is the ability to know and interact personally with one's customers. Kim likes being able to talk directly with her customers and she appreciates the feedback and suggestions that they give her. She is always willing to try things out that her customers suggest, something else that would not happen in a business in a city.

Kim has lived in Mackenzie for years. It is home to her and her family, and she plans to stay for life. Mackenzie has everything one might need and is set in a spectacular location with access to all kinds of outdoor recreational activities. With Morfee Lake right in town, one doesn't even have to leave to go swimming, boating, fishing or skating. Kim likes to get outside when she has free time. However, her favourite way to spend her free time is with grandchildren.

13 Ingenika Dr
Mackenzie, BC V0J 2C0


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