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Protec Security Services helps protect your most important assets. Protec Security Services provides security and security solutions for commercial, industrial and residential customers and settings as well as special events. All services can be tailored to a customer’s specific needs, whether it’s checking on a home while the owner is away, ensuring that liquor licensing regulations are adhered to at a special event, providing perimeter checks for a work site during off-hours and more. Hiring Protec Security Services reduces your risk and makes sure that your possessions and property are being watched even when you’re not around.

Protec Security Services is licensed under Security Services Act and in compliance with all aspects of inspection and is regularly audited by the government to ensure ongoing compliance.
Security Business Licence B5058 is registered with Security Programs and Police Technology Division, in the province of British Columbia. Security Workers Licence E85442 is registered with Security Programs Division of the Ministry of Justice, in the province of British Columbia. Protec Security Services is bonded and insured.

Protec Security Services is a member of the Mackenzie Chamber of Commerce.

Meet Robert A. Fredericks

Meet Robert A. Fredericks

Robert Fredericks had a background in environmental science and worked in that field for many years. However, when the local economy slumped in the mid 2000's, Robert's work also slowed down. At the same time, the security business was a growing one. Having served for many years as an auxiliary RCMP officer, Robert decided to pursue his own security business. He received certification from the Justice Institute of BC and started Protec Security Services in 2009.

Robert has lived in Mackenzie since 1973, so he has numerous connections within the community. Those relationships were helpful when he was getting started, and they remain integral to his business today. Many of his customers come to him because they know him or they have been referred by someone who knows him. This, Robert notes, is typical of Mackenzie, where the people are friendly, open and always willing to stop and chat, even with strangers. People's natural interest in each other's well-being makes Mackenzie a safe place, particularly for families. "You don't have to worry about your kids walking around town," says Robert.

Mackenzie is also a wonderful place to get involved and make a difference. Robert notes that there are numerous organizations that do an amazing job of putting on community events and providing enriching activities, like sports. "There is a lot of opportunity to get involved." Robert often donates his time providing security for community events.

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