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After spending over 20 years in the forestry industry, owner Micheline Snively has a perspective and appreciation for the outdoor realm like no other. Channelling her inner eye, Micheline now produces beautiful and dynamic paintings. Each piece shows areas of the Northern Rocky Mountain Trench area, captured in vibrant oil paints. Landscapes like no other come alive, like flowering alpine areas, or snowy forest scenes. 

With a background in fine art, the Prickly Rose Studio also offers carefully created metal art jewellery and linocut prints of natural scenes. 

You can find all the most recent prints, cards and jewellery on the Prickly Rose Studio’s website, or view special limited pieces at the Purple Bicycle in downtown Mackenzie.

Meet Micheline Snively

Meet Micheline Snively

Owner Micheline Snively has loved the new found freedom and creative skills she has been able to hone in the years since she opened the Prickly Rose Studio. Every aspect of owning her own business from organizing, planning, production, and creating her own artistic space is truly satisfying and fulfilling.
When she isn’t at work on a piece, Micheline can be found seeking inspiration in nature, kayaking or mountain biking.

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