Mackenzie Outdoor Route and Trail Association (MORATA)

Sports & Recreation

The Mackenzie Outdoor Route and Trail Association or MORATA for short, is a not-for-profit group incorporated to promote  non-motorized outdoor recreation  in Mackenzie and the surrounding area.

Established in 2016, MORATA’s goal is to establish a pristine trail network and promote an outdoor culture for non-motorized users in the beautiful Mackenzie region! With boundless recreational opportunities and without the crowds found in other areas of equal natural splendor, Mackenzie is pristine and ready to be explored! 

Through MORATA members are able to open up access to these areas and allow new opportunities like biking and climbing to become available, while maintaining and improving existing infrastructure. MORATA are a motivated group of individuals excited to share their passions and help build a vibrant community.

Are you in love with the outdoors in Mackenzie too? MORATA is always accepting new members to help with projects and just becoming a member shows them your support! You can find more information on how to join on their website!

Meet Ross Hobbs

Meet Ross Hobbs

You can find the members of MORATA in their natural elements, outside! From hiking to biking, climbing and backcountry skiing, this intrepid group of outdoor enthusiasts are making the most of the natural beauty Mackenzie has to offer!
MORATA is happy to be part of their great community network of small businesses and organizations and look forward to working with everyone to make the region even better!