Mackenzie Community Market

Agriculture & Food Production-Arts-Food & Beverage

Located in the heart of Mackenzie, this community market has all the Mackenzie made products you are looking for. Each week, resident can enjoy the best in local produce, local vendors and hand crafted soaps and delectables.

Stroll down the artisan-lined pathways among other shoppers who are passionate about supporting their local community. With this year’s live entertainment, there is definitely going to be plenty for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Be sure to watch for the Mackenzie Community Market’s grand opening announcement coming late spring.

See you all there!

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Meet the Mackenzie Community Market

Meet the Mackenzie Community Market

"This community market all stemmed from a bunch of very passionate individuals who were interested in locally grown produce and locally made products," says event co-organizer and executive secretary, Cara Bowen.

"We're just a few hard core people that really wanted to see a market in this community. We came together and said we need to make this happen, we need to educate people on the benefits. We need to grow it and push it. I am so grateful to be a part of it as the people behind this market give hours and hours of their time each week to help build it up. I am fortunate to be connected to this amazing group of people."

“It’s something to look forward to every week,” says Cara. “It’s a community event that gets everyone together. Markets are so important to a community, I could go on and on about how much I love markets! I just love the feeling of being there; I love being part of this whole thing, this group and the vision that we all share, it really is amazing."

Cara explain that she and her family love to be outside and that's exactly what the town of Mackenzie can offer people. “I like everything about living in a small town,” she says. “I like the people and the small businesses here. It’s quiet and there’s freedom. I’m raising my kids here. We are here because its outdoorsy and we love to be outside. The trails, the lake, the paddling, the mountains, mountain biking-everything is here. We have great local shops and we’re getting some great restaurants."

Cara feels that business in a small town is just more personal. “When people walk into a shop here, the owners know their stories and know who they are,” she says. "You are just connected to people in a way that you couldn’t in a larger center. It’s not just a face, it’s an actual person who is part of your life."

“This town is changing,” she avows. “It’s shifting. The small businesses are becoming more important; we are teaching people how imperative it is to support local. We try to educated people and explain that when money stays in this town, it builds this town. It’s the people behind these businesses that love what they do, that continue to grow our beautiful community."

399 Mackenzie Blvd.
Mackenzie, BC V0J 2C0


Beginning June 21st

5:00 pm - 7:00 pm