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The mission of the Mackenzie Community Arts Centre is to support and encourage culture and the arts in Mackenzie. To achieve its goal of creating social, cultural and artistic vibrancy in the region, the Mackenzie Arts Centre offers a diverse range of classes and programs that are open to the entire community, ranging in content from performing to visual arts. Cultural programs and events are also an integral part of its offerings. The Centre regularly hosts events of artistic and cultural interest to the community at large, such as art exhibits, craft fairs and live performances. The Mackenzie Community Arts Centre strive to provide a welcoming and stimulating environment that fosters interest and pride in the unique cultural and artistic heritage of our community and region. The Centre is home to a permanent art gallery and gift shop featuring the works of local and regional artists.

The Mackenzie Community Arts Centre is a member of the Mackenzie Chamber of Commerce, the Canadian Federation of Artists and the British Columbia Arts Council.

Meet the Staff & Board of the Mackenzie Community Arts Centre

Meet the Staff & Board of the Mackenzie Community Arts Centre

The Mackenzie Community Arts Centre is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the arts in Mackenzie. It is governed by the Mackenzie Community Arts Council Board of Directors. The board members are a collaborative of passionate, qualified artists and educators with well established careers and extensive involvement in the arts and performing arts locally, provincially and internationally. Each one is strongly connected to the community outside of the facility, working in areas of health and wellness, humanities, and as entrepreneurs and educators.

Dance and Drama Instructor Lois Humphrey is proud of the integral role that the Mackenzie Community Arts Centre plays in Mackenze. "We are helping people realize their artistic potential and creating an atmosphere of sustainability and wellness," she says. Lois also notes that community members have, in more recent years, shown a greater eagerness to engage in the arts either through individual participation or by supporting the programs of the Centre.

Part of its ability to successfully reach further into the community is the fact that Mackenzie is a small, close-knit community where everyone is connected in one way or another. "We can really get to know our clientele/demographic and groom our services to meet demand," Lois says. It also means that the Centre can offer smaller class sizes, which allows for individual participants to receive more attention and collaborate more easily with other participants. The Centre and its programs have helped to inspire many budding artists in the community to go on to careers in the arts. "We are hopeful that creating more opportunities for education and distribution of art in our community will inspire more emerging artists and entrepreneurs and provide corridors for arts-related careers and business."

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Weekend and off-hour visits can be arranged by calling 250-997-1123