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Leave the hard work to the professionals and save those precious minutes for the things that truly matter. Green Phoenix Recycling wants to help make life as easy as possible by taking care of the dirty work for you.

This local waste management company handles all of your residential curbside recycling and commercial recycling pickups. On a weekly schedule patrons can expect prompt and reliable pickup service. There is no confusion as to what can be recycled as Green Phoenix compiles an extensive list of accepted items. Simply load up all of your paper, cardboard, tin cans, glass and assorted plastics in the 74 Litre bin provided (for a nominal deposit) and know you’ve done your part in helping the environment.

Meet Dominique Symbalisty

Meet Dominique Symbalisty

Dominique Symbalisty knows how to appreciate the little things that make the journey of life so wonderful. Owning her own business in the small town of Mackenzie has granted her the opportunity to slow down and soak up all that her community has to offer. The recycling guru enjoys everything to do with the outdoors, but especially loves the local swimming, snowboarding, camping, canoeing and ATV opportunities.

Caring about Mother Nature and the environment has always been a passion of Dominique’s . She feels as though it’s her life’s mission to share he knowledge with the public on the benefits of recycling and just how easy it actually is. “Recycling is an important part of day to day life and it is not as hard or as time consuming as people think,” states Dominique.

The entrepreneur took over Green Phoenix Recycling at the beginning of 2018 and has big plans to bring new and improved recycling capabilities to her hometown. Dominique is ecstatic about the response she has received so far, and loves connecting with fellow entrepreneurs- “If you get to know the businesses and the business owners (and the people that work for them), we are so very fortunate to have a group of people who really love what they do for work!”

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