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Tackling finances isn’t for everyone. Thankfully there’s Dave’s Accounting Service- a financial expert when it comes to managing your books. From monthly bookkeeping, to personal and corporate tax returns, GST/PST admittance and more, Dave’s Accounting Service relieves clients of the timely burden of finances.

With over 40 years of accounting experience, each and every client’s records are processed in a timely and accurate fashion. You can depend on Dave’s Accounting Service to get the job done right!

Free up more time for everything else on your busy schedule. Call Dave’s Accounting Service and they will be happy to accommodate your accounting needs.

Meet Dave Carr

Meet Dave Carr

Dave Carr has been tied to the community of Mackenzie for over twenty years now. He met his wife there, and while the couple both currently live in Alberta, they found themselves making the trip back regularly to visit with their friends. Dave finds the people of Mackenzie to be warm, friendly and exceptionally community-minded.

With limited bookkeepers in the area, it only made sense to offer the residents a much needed accounting service. As an entrepreneur, Dave has enjoyed the freedom to set his own hours, allowing for a flexible lifestyle. He likes to take advantage of Mackenzie’s beautiful scenery with regular bike rides and gardening. This accountant is also an avid pool shark; playing on a weekly basis is one of his favourite pastimes.

For those coming for a visit, Dave recommends checking out Morfee Mountain and Lakes. Equally impressive is the local recreation complex- a great facility for all walks of life to keep active throughout the year.

Mackenzie, BC


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