Cafe 97

Café-Food & Beverage

At the base of the Murray Mountain Range, and beside the beautiful Azouzetta Lake, is Cafe 97, a delicious place to take a break from your day of adventure! Open year round, and located at the Azouzetta Lake Lodge, Cafe 97 serves delicious homemade comfort food and provides the best customer service! 

Whether you’re in from a day of skiing at Powder King, a lakeside summer day or brisk hike, Cafe 97 has the food to keep you happy! Grab and go one of Cafe 97’s giant cinnamon buns, or pick a pack of fresh fried donuts for your drive home! Savour options abound, with everything from sandwiches to hand made burgers ( you’ve got to try the Pineapple Express), pizza and breakfast!  

Cafe 97 is committed to quality, fresh, delicious food! Take a break from nature, and enjoy a delicious moment at Cafe 97!

Meet Chery and Andrew

Meet Chery and Andrew

Cafe 97 Managers, Chery and Andrew Padilla. loves their jobs at Azouzetta Lake! Cafe 97 is a passion for them, they are proud to offer delicious food to everyone that comes through the Pine Pass. Chery and Andrew enjoy the natural beauty of the area and are always excited to see what each day brings, from different weather to new guests from all over the world!

Mile 125 Hart Hwy
Mackenzie, BC V0J2C0


Monday through Sunday, 7 days/week
8:00 am - 7:00 pm