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Azu Health is passionate about encouraging and supporting an active, healthy lifestyle. Whether you want to maintain well-being or treat a specific condition, illness or injury, Azu Health can help you meet your health care goals. It provides physiotherapy (ideal for restoring mobility after an accident or injury) and kinesiology services as well as nutrition counseling (weight wellness goals, special dietary needs, sport and fitness nutrition, chronic disease management). Hardeep Kandola is a Registered Physiotherapist (College of Physiotherapists of BC). Anna Kandola is a Registered Dietitian (College of Dietitians of BC) and a Practicing Kinesiologist (BC Association of Kinesiologists).

Meet Hardeep & Anna Kandola

Meet Hardeep & Anna Kandola

Anna Kandola grew up in Mackenzie and developed a love for the outdoors early in life. She is passionate about being active and her desire to help others get and stay active ultimately led her to pursue a career in health care. She left Mackenzie to receive training as a kinesiologist and dietitian. She met and married her husband, Hardeep, who is a Registered Physiotherapist, and when Anna graduated from her program, the couple decided to move to Anna's hometown and start their own practice together.

Living in Mackenzie was a very intentional choice for the couple. Both are avid outdoors people. Hardeep enjoys climbing, and both Hardeep and Anna like to camp, ski and hike. "We love how easily accessible outdoor activities are here," says Anna. "You don't have to travel too far to do what you enjoy."

They also chose Mackenzie for its affordability and the opportunity that it provided them to start their own business. "There were no physiotherapists or dietitians in town," says Anna, and their business has been embraced and welcomed by the local residents. Anna finds that locals really appreciate being able to access health care services in their own community rather than having to drive to larger centres.

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